Moon Tunes

Press Kit

What is Moon Tunes?

A symbol and colour based music player created especially for young kids. Do your kids find it tough to navigate through the default music app on the iPad? Rather than navigating through a text-based music library, kids can easily identify their favourite songs via a recognisable colour and symbol set by their parents, so even the youngest kids can play with these 3 themed players.

Symbols & Colours

With over 150 symbols to choose from, you're bound to find something to represent your kid's favourite song. They will learn to recognise that symbol throughout the different players, rather than struggling through a text-based music app.

Multiple Fun Players

With dinosaur, outer space and vinyl music players to choose from, your kids can choose different environments to go along with their music. More players coming soon!

Fun Effects & Animations

Kids can mix up songs with a variety of fun sound effects buttons, along with some dancing dinosaurs and orbiting planets.


Pricing and Availability

Normally $1.99, but special $0.99 price for first week of launch.

Designed for iPad and requires iOS 7.1 or newer.

The creators

Wee Taps are a Belgium based duo whose previous kids games include Wee Rockets, Wee Subs & Sleepasaurus. Wee Taps are made up of illustrator & designer Paddy Donnelly and developer Alain Hufkens.

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Download the image zip file (7.1MB).